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Vox AC120


The AC120 amp utilizes four EL-34 power tubes to generate output power of 120 watts RMS.

The AC-120 preamp circuits include four ECC83, two ECC81, and one ECC82 tubes. There is no rectifier tube in the AC120 as a solid state diode bridge in the power supply provided the DC current needed to operate the amplifier.

The AC120 has two input channels labeled Normal and Brilliant and each channel has a separate volume control.

The Vox AC120 uses an extensive tone shaping control circuit which is shared by both channels. Not only are there global bass, middle, treble, and presence controls, there was also a five band equalizer with adjustments at 100 hz, 250 hz, 500 hz, 1500 hz, and 2300 hz. 

Vox AC120 also has reverb and variable distortion functions and like the tone controls, these are global to both channels.

The original three button foot switch is included and also operates the effects remotely.

This amp has had the original Fane speakers replaced with Celestion Green Backs to give is a crisper tone. 

The amplifier is styled with the traditional Vox basket weave vinyl and has black Vox diamond grill cloth. 

Twin 12" 75 watt Fane speakers were standard in the AC120 at that time.

This is a point to point hand wired tone master to die for. Oh and it is LOUD!

There are more videos of this amp on youtube to try to give a complete picture of tone

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