vox ac 30 tb 1972 amp

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Vox AC30TB 1972


This amp has had a long and interesting life.

If you are looking for an immaculate all original collectors edition this is not the amp for you. She has seen a lot of bar and back room action in her life and has had rough treatment from many a young man. 

However, despite the trials and tribulations of life on the road this is a fan-bloody-tastic amp. She is also in pretty good nick. No rips in the Tolex basket weave or tares in the diamond fret cloth on the grill.

The Amp has been recently serviced with full valve replacement, clean and rewire etc to give the full 200 Amp flow off the power plate.  It comes with a 3 month waranty from Fabio on Denmark St. 

This Amp is a bit of an enigma. I have had it looked at by Fabio and Greg at Guitar aid and thy confirm thathis amp has never has a reverb tank fitted. There is no where in the chasis for the transformer or tank and one has never been fitted to the cab. Also the solder points on the circuit board where the pot would be attached have never been soldered. 

It looks as though this amp was fitted with a power selector switch instead. The switch in the reverb port looks contemporary and runs through an additional resistor lowering the power effectively making it run like an AC15. 

She also has a new set of cans. The original speakers have been replaced by 2 12" Celestion Green Backs. 

There are 6 inputs, Vib-Trem, Normal & Brilliant all with a high/low Gain version. Each channel having an indepandant volume control. 

The Tremolo and Vibrato has a 3 way speed control. When in Vibrato the amp creates an amazing almost moog/hamond organ like harmonic sound. 

There is a global cut control and tone controls for treble and bass on the brillaint channel. 

You will not be dissapointed. 

All serious offers considered. Happy to deliver anywhere in the greater London area.


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