Fender Stratocaster USA 1979

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Fender Stratocaster USA 1979


It is a truly beautiful looking and sounding guitar and is in amazing condition for its age.

ALL PARTS ARE ORIGINAL, with exception of a couple mods, listed below. I will include the original parts in the sale as well in case you don't like them.

I have had the standard pickups replaced with two Seymour Duncan Alnico II pros in the neck and middle and a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound fitted in the bridge for extra balls. It sounds incredible. I have also replaced the stock saddles with bronze ones - it gives the guitar a nice 'chimey' sound. These mods were fitted by Greg at Guitar Aid in London. He also gave it a full set up. He really knows what he's doing. It's got a nearly new set of Elixir strings on it. I'll include the original Fender pickups and bridge saddles in the sale. The pickups were £50 each and the saddles were £40. If you want the guitar without the mods, then I'm willing to negotiate the price, but I'd really rather not have to do this. Plus the mods make the guitar sound much better!

The rosewood neck is also in excellent condition with hardly any wear to the grain. There is on tiny nick on the side of the neck but this is hardly visible and doesn't affect play. The rosewood necks sound much warmer than the maple ones. They are also much rarer. These seventies Strats are heavier than the new ones, but that's becasue the wood is better quality and it has a steel truss rod going through it. The sound resonates much better as a result. The weight has never bothered me.

There are no major scratches or dints to the guitar - only faint scratches you'd expect to see on a guitar of this age - you can see from the photos. The paintwork is original and is in excellent condition apart from a couple of areas on the bottom and on the back, where the varnish and the paint has worn, but these are very small and you can't see these from the front when you're playing it. If you want some more detailed pictures, then let me know and I can send them to you.

The case is also the original one which came with the guitar. One of the hinges is slightly knackered, but nothing a bit of gaffa tape can't sort out.

I spent ages hunting for this guitar and have looked after it well. I doubt you'll see another with all its original parts in such an excellent condition. 

All serious cash offers considered. I can deliver anywhere in the greater London Area.

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