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Laney LC15r Millenium edition


As the name suggests this amp was made in 2000 and was a limited edition run in silver to celebrate the turn of the millennium. The sound and feel of this amp have been completely revolutionised by the replacement of the original H&H speaker with a Celestion G10L-35. Gone are the muffled dark Marshall tones and hello bright and sharp Vox tones you would expect from a Laney + some extra kick. 

The reverb is incredibly deep. 5 is equivelent to most reverbs and 10 is like a short cut trip to the 70's. 

It has a few marks and scuffs but still looks and sounds good. 

It has High and Low inputs, Gain, Treble, Mid and Bass, Reverb and Master Volume pots and a Brightness switch to make it a bit more Voxy if required. 

Great little combo with a 10" speaker giving it a very punch sound capable of filling pubs and bars etc. Light weight, compact and robust.

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