Gibson Sonex Artist

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Gibson Sonex Artist


Built in Kalamazoo in 1981.

Fitted with the same MOOG electronics as the RD Artist of the same period. The circuitry includes active bass and trebble, brightness, compression and expansion switches. NOT to be confused with the greatly inferior Sonex 180 or Sonex Deluxe.

It has a "Rosinwood" body which is a wood/resin mix designed to maximise sustain. The Sonex Artist has genuine Dirty Fingers pickups, unlike the cheaper and rather muted Muddy Fingers that were fitted in the other Sonex guitars.  See the pics of the pups for more detail but the bottom is stamped PAT NO 2737 842 and then they are over stamped in ink 341 981 which is probably a date code as they are in a 1981 guitar. This certifies the pups as 100% genuine Tim Shaw PAFs.

She also sports a rosewood fretboard with real pearl (not plastic) dot inlays and a TP-6 fine tuning tail peice and Tuneo'matic bridge. 

At the time they were produced these were one of Gibsons most expensive production models. Not suprising then that very few were ever sold and so are rarer than rare. This one has been previously refinished and rebuilt by Tim Martin of Denmark St. 

This will hold it's own against any Gibson LP Standard but has more trickery/versatility to boot. 

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BODY SPECIFICATIONS Exclusive Gibson multiphonic body construction • Single Venetian cutaway • Chrome-plated new design 3 point adjustable Tune-0-Matic bridge • Chrome-plated TP-6 fine tuning stop-bar tailpiece • Black fingerrest with black/white revealed edge • Active electronics featuring compression expansion, and bright mode circuitry and two compatible humbucking pickups • 3-position toggle switch for selecting either pickup individually or both simultaneously • Master volume control • Full function cut/boost individual bass and treble controls • Three mode switches controlling On/Off function of compression, expansion, and bright modes • Black speed knobs • Chrome-plated"Posi-Lokinch strap buttons • Body size: Length 17 3/8 width 12 3/4" depth 1 3/4"

NECK SPECIFICATIONS Fixed heel, 3-piece laminated maple construction • Width at fingerboard nut 1 11/16" • Rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays • Deluxe chrome-plated machine heads • Gibson truss rod with inscribed"ARTIST" truss rod cover • 22 frets • 24 3/4" scale length

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