All information contained in an items description are provided by the vendor and as such Greenwich Guitars Limited can not be held accountable for any errors.

However, Greenwich Guitars Limited will endeavor to ensure that all information presented is as accurate as possible and factually correct in regards to technical specifications and item condition. 

For the purposes of the following statements Greenwich Guitars Limited and refer to the registered company 08312281. The Vendor refers to the person named in the agreement to list an item on the buyer refers to any third party wishing to purchase an item. 

The vendor confirms that any item for sale is their property and that they are free to sell it free from any encumbrances. 

Greenwich Guitars Limited will accept payments through paypal but there will be an additional charge of 7% of the item sales price payable by the buyer.

The vendor has the right to withdraw a listing at any time with no repercussions. However, if an item is listed on ebay we would ask that it is not sold elsewhere until that listing ends. 

The vendor will agree to pay an fee as laid down in the agreement prior to listing. Said fee becomes payable immediately on completion of a sale to a buyer who has been located through either directly or indirectly.

All sellers will agree the minimum sales price of their item prior to listing from which any fees will become payable. The seller receiving the due balance. 

Upon completion of a sale Greenwich Guitars Limited, the buyer and the vendor will sign an indemnity to be held by Greenwich Guitars Limited confirming the functionality and condition of the item before it is removed by the buyer. As such no returns will be accepted unless the item is found to be deliberately misrepresented. 


If you have any comments to make about any of our items or our service please follow the links to Facebook and Twitter. We aim to be as honest and open as possible about our service and would be happy for you to do the same.

All items listed for sale are owned by third party sellers. All information presented has been provided by the owners adn Greenwich Guitars Limited has taken steps to ensure that all information is factually correct. We can not take responsibilty for any inaccuracies that may be in our listings.

Please read our full terms and conditions